I Think, Therefore I Am.

by Jasmine Crimes on December 06, 2021

Dreams are made up of hope, hope that you can achieve a goal if you put in the work. Some make it. Some quit when things get hard. But if you hold on and work hard enough, dreams can come true! 

During my journey of becoming a Speech Pathologist, I had to trust the process. I applied to graduate school 3 times, with “no” responses each of the 3 times. The path to stardom was not easy, but well worth it. I worked as a speech pathology assistant for 4 years before getting accepted into graduate school. Although becoming an SLPA was viewed as a setback to me, it actually set me up for success. Being a single mother at the time and trying to balance graduate school and motherhood was a true struggle. My previous experience as an SLPA made clinicals a breeze and helped me get through graduate school.

I’m blessed to say, I graduated. I then went on to pass the praxis, complete my clinical fellow year and become a speech pathologist! “You fail 100% of what you do not try!” I thank God I decided to try! My story is far from a straight line but crooked sticks can draw straight lines, just look at me!

My fight and determination makes me a Dope Professional!

 The Speech Therapy Bae


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