No Guts, No Glory.

by Jasmine Crimes on December 06, 2021

There are many sides to this woman.

Many have tried to stuff me into a box. But I’ve learned to enjoy all the different facets that have made me uniquely who I am.

I am the product of divorce. I was raised in the hood, barely made it to college, and then struggled to get out. Thousand of dollars in debt later, I finished four years of a nursing degree I never received. I regrouped and moved to Cali where I lived in a tiny room, in the back of someone’s house for what felt like years with my best friend, trying to revamp. I worked as a psych aid at nights while attending three different schools trying to get what I needed to keep pushing the envelope forward. And that’s just a snippet.

Life will challenge you! No one ever promised the journey would be easy. But each perceived setback set me up to propel me even further. I’m proud of my journey, love the people I’ve met along the way and excited for the future!

I’m thankful to God for continued growth! We are just beginning and I’m beyond excited!!

“The moment you want to quit is the moment you need to keep pushing!” This is DOPE personified!

Dr. B.


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